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The one thing I have heard over the years from people is that they don’t have time to go to the gym or they can’t afford a gym membership. They are the ones that will always want that better body but are not willing to sacrifice their comfort zone for it. Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be a member of a gym to get in shape. All you must do is realize what you want, be willing to take that first step and work for it.

I have always asked people who want me to give them advice on how to get healthier one of the hardest questions they will ever have to ask themselves and that is what their WHY is. I know it sounds like an easy question to answer but it truly is the hardest question you will ever ask yourself. Most people will have 5 different WHYs when there should only be one. It should be so deeply a part of you that it hurts you to think you haven’t achieved what you want yet. 

When I started on my fitness journey, I had a lot of useless WHYs. I wanted to be bigger, stronger; I wanted to impress others, I wanted to look good without a shirt. Hell the list goes on and on! None of them had a true WHY behind it. A few years ago, I found my real WHY. I’ve never shared my WHY with anyone, not even my closest friend, my wife. Your reason should be yours and yours alone and it is what will keep you pushing and thriving to be better each day.

Once you have your WHY, it is time to start trying to figure out how to achieve it. We know that your diet is one of the most important parts and then there is your training. I always have people to be honest with me and write down everything they eat and drink for seven days because I want to see how they eat on the days they work and especially their days off. For most people, it becomes truly eye-opening to see how many calories they are taking in. I will then have them download a food tracking app so they can start trying to eat a lot healthier. By finding out roughly how many calories you need to get healthier you start to watch what you eat a lot closer.

Now for the part that I truly enjoy: The Training! Like I said at the beginning, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone. With training, you have to get creative sometimes. Getting out and walking a few minutes a day, maybe once around the block is a great way to start. Maybe on that walk, you could stop at every other house and do ten air squats. Walk a few more houses and then jog to the next house. If you’re up to it, do five push-ups and keep on moving. See, now we are getting creative! Just be willing to do something! 

I know some are saying “I’m not going to that, what are people going to think?” Well, remember that WHY? Now its time to see if that WHY is truly that important to you. When you think about it, does it make you hurt that you haven’t done this yet? I hope it does because that means it is time to lay the demons to rest. 

Let’s talk about getting in some at-home workouts in so we can better ourselves. One of the cheapest pieces of equipment you can pick up is a set of resistance bands. Bands are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment (I have a gym membership and still love to use bands) you can have as it allows you to do almost any movement you can do in the gym at home! And again, get creative! Put your foot on the band and curl up, now we are working arms. Who said we needed dumbbells or a bar? 

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Now, let’s say we want to work on the back of your arm, the triceps, take a kitchen chair put the band under the seat and now extend from the elbow up. Bam! Now we are hitting those triceps!

Come on! Let’s keep getting creative! Next, we want to work our chest. First, lay on your back with the band behind your back and press up. This gives you your very own band bench press! You could even do some push-ups with the band on our back. 

Ok, let’s work on our back now. Sit on the floor with your feet out and put the band under your feet. Pull it back to your body now we have some back action. How about some legs. Stand on the band and hold them up by your shoulders now squat and back up there we go. Now let’s not forget those shoulders. Let’s grab that chair put it under the seat and press your arm up in the air.

Hopefully I’ve been able to prove to you that we don’t need the gym to get in better shape. Get creative and start working now to make a better life for yourself. Remember that determining your WHY is the first step. Without it, this could seem meaningless and you might not stick with it. Don’t get discouraged. None of us got out of shape overnight it is from years of not having a WHY. Try this workout out 3 days a week and don’t forget to try it outside. Be creative and enjoy the journey!

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