A1Supplements SWFT Stims The Best PumpSo you say you want a pump? We agree that there is nothing better than the skin stretched over some filthy full, blood filled, and vascular muscles. It’s a great feeling. But here’s the thing, many people don’t know how to get to this point which is a real shame. If you are a bodybuilder, the pump and the corresponding contractions with a pump is really how you grow through driving nutrients and blood deep into the muscle. So, how does it work? How do you get a bigger pump and fuller muscles? Follow this step by step and you’ll soon learn.

First a little bit of background. If you are a vet, you can jump to the third paragraph.As you very well know, the more you move the faster blood is circulated through your body which is why your heart beats faster during exercise. The reason you need this blood is because it exchanges oxygen for carbon dioxide which is a byproduct of how your body generates energy. This blood is also needed to deliver nutrients and remove other waste byproducts such as lactic acid. 

Keeping it simple.

So how do you get a bigger and longer lasting pump?


Higher volume and stronger contractions will become your mortal enemy and your best friend (but mainly your mortal enemy). Here is a sample Arms workout.




Rope Cable Tricep Extensions

4 X 12-16

Elbows come up slightly at the top, 2 second pause at extension.

Overhead Cable Tricep Extension

4 X 20

Lighter weight, squeeze at end of rep

Skull Crushers

3 X 12

Slow and steady

Seated Dip Machine

4 X 14

Arms close in, don’t lock out.

DB Curls

3 X 10

Light weight, Squeeeeze at contraction

EZ Bar Curl

4 X 12

Light weight, Squeeeeze at contraction

Hammer DB Curls

3 X 12

Squeeeeze at contraction

Seated Machine Curl

4 X 18

Squeeeeze at contraction

Try to pick up water bottle



Again the goal is to drive blood into the muscles. If you do this workout as it states, the volume and constant high focus on contractions will deliver blood rushing into your muscles.A1Supplements SWFT Stims The Best Pump2. PRE-WORKOUT NUTRITION

This is vitally important to obtaining a mind-blowing pump. Too many people underutilize carbohydrate pre-workouts. Why do carbohydrates work? When you consume carbohydrate pre-workouts, your body will convert them to glucose which is then stored in your muscles as glycogen. When glycogen is stored in the muscle, it brings a little bit of water in with it which expands the muscle.
So can I just eat a bunch of candy? Well, you could but it digests too quickly to deliver a long-lasting, truly epic pump. The best bet would be a higher quality source of carbohydrate and something a little more balanced.

Pre-Workout Meal:
1-2 Sweet Potatoes
6 oz. Chicken

Honestly, it’s that simple. If you want to take the pre-workout meal a step further, be sure to season the chicken with something moderately high in sodium. Nothing beats a little salt thrown into the mix to pull a little more water for that pump.3. SUPPLEMENTS

As many of you have heard, VASO6 is being hailed as a revolution in vasodilators/pump products. This hype occurred mainly as a result of a study clinically showing an increase in vasodilation by 50% with VASO6… 50% is just ridiculous! This study also showed that 300mg of VASO6 was 10Xs more effective than 7 grams of Arginine which is a pretty solid dose of Arginine, more than you will find in a pump-specific product. This stuff is no joke.

VASO6 is the new front line in the war for the pump. It makes an amazing addition in a pre-workout, but is also epic taken as a standalone or stacked on top of your current pre-workout. It is an extremely versatile compound benefiting professional bodybuilders, fitness models, endurance athletes, crossfitters, powerlifters or the normal gym-goer.A1Supplements SWFT Stims The Best PumpCan we take it up a notch? Of course we can. A surefire way to really jack up the pump is to stack a Glycerol compound and throw that into the mix. Glycerol promotes what’s called, “Hyper-hydration”. Hyper-hydration is when the body is able to store a significantly larger amount of fluid for a little while. We aren’t talking about the face-bloating type of fluid retention but rather the driving of fluid and nutrients deep into the muscles. Glycerol also aids as a carrier in digestion. It may help other compounds to be absorbed during digestion, potentially increasing their effect.

What kind of Glycerol is the best kind? There are a number of forms of Glycerol but the one we back the most here is the compound called GlycerPump. This glycerol is a trademarked version of the 65% Glycerol but it is significantly more stable than your standard 95% Glycerol Monostearate. On top of this, it is supposed to digest more readily.A1Supplements SWFT Stims The Best PumpIf you haven’t caught on, GlycerPump may help amplify the effects of other supplements and promotes hyper-hydration which is a huge benefit to getting a pump. So, what if we stack GlycerPump with VASO6? Do we get a truly incredible and mind-blowing pump? We think so. Follow this workout, crush your pre-workout meal and get your VASO6 / GlycerPump down the hatch for an epic arms day, legs day, back day, or any day for that matter.A1Supplements SWFT Stims The Best Pump

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