A1Supplements Natural Gym MistakesWe all love build muscle, increasing strength, and making gains. Otherwise, why else would we willingly subject ourselves to the pain and torture that is heavy resistance training?

Yet, as much as we might focus on training regularly, consuming ample calories, and sleeping adequately, we still struggle to make progress in both our performance and our physique.

But, why is that?

It has to do with your daily habits inside the gym.

Ahead, we’ve got 7 habits that need to be broken ASAP if you’re serious about building muscle and strength.

Playing on Your Phone

5-10 years ago, this deadly habit would not have appeared on this list, but nowadays phone addiction is the biggest killer of gains in gyms across the world.

Simply put, the average person cannot survive without looking at their phone every 2 minutes. In fact, you probably just checked your phone while reading this very article.

We won’t argue that the modern day smartphone is an incredibly machine; one that’s even bailed us out of a jam a time or two. Yet, as great as the cell phone is, it comes with some serious drawbacks when we talk about being present or “mindful” during a workout.

You see with all of the incessant emails, texts, and notifications, it’s damn near impossible to focus solely on your workout if your phone is anywhere in the near vicinity of you during a workout.

How to Fix this Habit:

Leave the phone at home, or in your car. All forms of texting, talking, and instabooking can wait until after you’ve put in your work for the day at the gym.

If you need more motivation to ditch the phone while training, consider this, even if by some miracle you can focus on your training while being on your phone, chances are the endless bings, dings, and boinks emanating from your phone are an unnecessary nuisance and aggravation to those around you.Flying By the Seat of Your Pants

There’s an old adage that says:

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

This is true in life and an absolute certainty when it comes to training.

Far too many gym goers just walk into the gym and aimlessly amble about from one machine to another, never taking the time to follow a plan or track a single rep performed or amount of weight lifted.

How are you supposed to know if you’re actually getting stronger or bigger if you’re not tracking what you’re doing each and every workout?

Quite simply, you won’t.

To make progress in performance and physique, you have to go into your training sessions with a plan and track your performance. Only then will you know if the program is working and what you need to do to fix things if they aren’t.

How to Fix this Habit:

Quite simply make a plan.

Buy a training journal or use an old notebook or legal pad and write down your workouts, including sets, reps, volume, rest periods, etc.

Yes, they make phone fitness tracker apps for tracking your lifts at the gym, but refer back to the previous bad habit and you’ll see that your phone is not an option.

That means you’re going old school and using pen (or pencil) and paper to track workouts and progress.

Doing this is the ONLY way to judge whether or not you’re getting stronger in your workout and if you’re progressing towards your goals of building muscle and strength.A1Supplements Natural Gym MistakesLifting with Your Ego

We’re all guilty of this bad gym habit from time to time. We get into workout groove, start to see some progress, and next thing you know, we think we can curl the 50s for reps.

Little do we realize that the biceps aren’t really doing much of the work. It’s actually the traps, deltoids, and hips kipping and swinging the weights up and down.

The reason you picked that way-too-heavy of a weight comes courtesy of your ego, and it’s been the downfall of many quality workouts and at the root of more than a few injuries too.

How to Fix this Habit:

Just like you should do with your cell phone…leave your ego at home.

And don’t kid yourself and think that you don’t have an ego.

We all want to look impressive to some extent, even the most meek and humble among us.

Kipping, swinging, and convulsing the weight up isn’t going to do a lick of good for the quality of your workout. And the reason you’re doing those nonsensical maneuvers is that your ego told you to pick up a heavy weight, that deep down you know you can’t handle.

To get a better workout, and make more gains, pick an appropriate weight, lift it with control through the full range of motion, squeeze at the top and lower slowly (again under control). What you trade in poundage, you’ll make up for in movement quality and muscle fiber recruitment, and that’s what really matters when trying to build muscle.Chatting It Up Between Sets

Sometimes when you walk into a gym, you’d swear that you were in the middle of a knitting circle or hair salon — there’s WAY too much talking and not enough work actually being done.

Far too often lifters (both male and female) spend their rest periods between sets (and sometimes while lifting) chatting it up. The gym is not the place to carry on a lengthy conversation about the happenings of your day, and it certainly isn’t the place to “kick it” with your friends. If you happen to be one of these kinds of folks, realize that you’re taking up valuable real estate that could be better occupied by someone actually wanting to train.

How to Fix this Habit:

A little jibbing or banter between sets is fine (and well earned when you out deadlift your buddy), but keep it brief. The workout is not the time to delve into deep-seeded life issues, politics, religion, or any other topic of conversation that warrants a lengthy discussion.

You are on a mission to make gains, not wax rhapsodic about last night’s dinner and post-meal festivities. Keep the chatter to a minimum and schedule a time outside of your training for the socializing.A1Supplements Natural Gym MistakesIgnoring Rest Intervals

Different training goals require vastly different rest periods. If you’re trying to increase strength, you’ll likely resting 3-5 minutes between sets. If you’re wanting to build muscle, you’ll probably taking 1.5-2 minutes between efforts, and if you want to enhance muscular endurance, you may only be resting 45-60 seconds.

If that’s the case, why does it seem like everyone (including you from time to time) is taking these exorbitantly long rest periods?

Is everyone training to be an elite powerlifter?

Not a chance.

The simple truth of the matter is that people get carried away on their phones, talking with their buddies, or staring at the cute girls on the cardio machines. What they’re not doing is adhering to the rest periods outlined in their training program (if they’re following one at all).

How to Fix this Habit:

Use a stopwatch or the clock hanging on the gym wall to monitor your rest periods. They are written into your program for a reason. Longer rest intervals are needed when training for strength, while shorter ones are needed if you’re working on conditioning and muscular endurance.

Additionally, being mindful of your rest periods also helps keep you focused on your workout and less likely to be distracted by something else going on. You’ll save time in the long run and have a superior quality workout.A1Supplements Keto SupplementsTreating the Gym Like a Country Club

If you’ve ever trained at one of the big box globo gyms, you know full well what we’re alluding to here. Rather than being out in the main training area of the gym, most of the gym members are lounging around the lobby sipping on smoothies, coffees, or juices.

It’s fine if they’re content to waste their time and money not using the gym for its intended purpose, but the real issue develops when their lackadaisical nature prevents you from training as well.

We’ve all been there where we walk into a crowded gym and immediately get pulled aside by an old friend to talk. One thing leads to another and then you realize 60 minutes have gone by and you’ve yet to do a single warm up rep.

How to Fix this Habit:

If you’re the culprit that’s guilty of this deadly gym habit, you need to stop NOW.

Sure, it’s fine to say hello to a few people as you get geared up for your workout, but don’t make it a habit of initiating some long, drawn out conversation. You and others came to the gym to workout and make gains, not sip on overpriced, sugar filled juices and socialize.

If you are the “victim” of another person trying to chat you up as you enter the gym, be cordial, say hello, and they politely tell them you are pressed for time and need to get in and get out of the gym.A1Supplements Natural Gym MistakesPerforming the Same Workout Over and Over and Over…

We all fall prey to this habit from time to time. We find a particular training split or workout regimen that we enjoy and we perform it week after week after week after week.

There’s nothing wrong with performing a set of workouts that you enjoy, and it’s even beneficial to perform the same set of workouts for several weeks in a row.

However, if you’ve been using the same program for well over a year (or even 6 months), it’s time to change things up.

You see, no matter how stellar the program, or effective it may be, your body will adapt to it.

How to Fix this Habit:

The solution to this problem harkens back to our previous point about tracking your workouts. When you notice that progress has stalled for several sessions in a row, it’s time to take a deload and shake things up a bit in your workout.

This could be a simple as swapping the order of your exercises or swapping out entire exercises for other variations that hit the same muscle group, but from a different angle (i.e. front squats vs back squats).

These little tweaks prevent workout boredom, help bust plateaus, and ensure the gains keep coming.Takeaway

We all fall victim to one (or more) of these deadly gym habits from time to time. But, acknowledgment of the problem is the first step towards finding its solution. So, once you recognize that you may be guilty of one of these habits, take the measures we’ve outlined here to remedy the issue and get back on track with your fitness goals.Nutrakey

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