Ah, the kitchen, nothing quite like it. Be it in the hands of a novice or a 5-star chef, the possibilities it offers are truly endless. But for a kitchen to truly offer its full potential, it takes a bit more than a stove and a few pots. Not to mention that a lack of proper equipment makes even the most trivial of tasks take ages or outright flop. It is worth noting that, while having a broad spectrum of kitchen equipment is recommended, overstocking will just clog up space and overcomplicate the cooking process.


This cannot be stressed enough. A good knife will do wonders for any kitchen and investing in quality steel will ensure a long and happy relationship between you and your culinary endeavors. While costs may put most buyers off, any good chef will tell you that a quality knife is worth its weight in gold. A serrated knife, a long chef’s knife (~10 inches) and a paring knife are really the only quality knives needed. Good steel options to look out for are 1055 and 1095, providing a good cost to performance ratio while requiring minimal maintenance.


Whatever your cooking preferences may be, it is worth noting that a good pan will go a long way. Investing in a non-stick pan with a lid will do wonders for the cooking experience. Non-stick surfaces really do mean the world to anyone looking to cut back on oil/cooking fat and are simply a joy to clean afterward – one swipe and you’re done. There are plenty of great options out there, with sizes, shapes, and lengths suitable for anyone’s fancy, waiting to bring out your inner Wolfgang Puck or Jamie Oliver.

Spatulas, ladles and/or spoons

This is a lesson learned the hard way, the importance of specific utensils only becomes apparent when it’s too late. With your newly-purchased skillet set, you must remember to invest in a spatula or two so the surface of the pans doesn’t get damaged with forks, spoons etc. Ladles also tend to be overlooked until you’re faced with pouring your soup with a mug, surprisingly it happens more often than one would think. If stumped with the massive choice of utensils, not to worry, you are not alone. Luckily, people have already tested out the various types of kitchenware out there, all you need to do is give Google a go.

Heat protection

Ah, heat, the inevitable danger looming around your stove. Whether frying something on top or cooking down below, there is always the danger of accidentally grabbing onto something we’re not supposed to. With most of the kitchenware made out of metal with optimal thermal conductivity, it can be easy to slip up and get burned or scalded. Thermal protection outside of conventional mitts exists, which grants an additional layer of protection when wrapping handles with rags just isn’t cutting it, pardon the pun. Kitchen puns aside, safety is and always should be our primary concern.

The perfect recipe

These essential tools really do make the perfect kitchen recipe. With a good knife in hand, a few pans and specialized utensils, even the average Joe has a shot of putting Gordon Ramsay to shame. The above-mentioned tools are not a necessity but a huge quality of life improvement. They will shift focus from making ends meet to preparing that dish we’ve been drooling over for the last week. Just remember that the kit is there to enable our creative juices, not prepare the meal for us; a tool can only be as good as the hand that wields it.

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